Comprehensive Field Service Management

Hello everyone,

I’m on the lookout for a robust solution or customization within ERPNext to enhance our field service management capabilities. Our small business specializes in the maintenance and repair of industrial machines, dealing with both services and sales of new/used machines and parts.

We require a module that can manage workflows from service call reception to technician assignment, scheduling, tracking visit/travel time, and invoicing. Critical to our operations are detailed reports reflecting each job’s cost, including engineer time, parts, external workshop services, and travel expenses. Moreover, we need to track technician productivity and job statuses comprehensively.

Has anyone in this community developed or come across a solution within ERPNext that meets these requirements? Any pointers, modules, or service providers you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your insights and assistance.

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@sferriggi I did that on the past for a customer with!

We found on that the perfect solution for map the business processes!

Also, with an small effort we have integrated it with ERPNext

All data runs across departaments in pyrus, with sales, finance and accounting get updated in ERPNext.

The mobile application of pyrus, is a game changer on field service management.

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Hi @sferriggi
we have built a solution on Top of ERPNext with a Mobile Application for Field Service and Employee self-service management. It has most of the features that you have mentioned.

have a look -

Can you contact me to have a discussion on this please?