Computing Periodic Earnings in Payroll


I need help adding formula in the Salary Structure for earnings that are paid once in a year. Example are Leave Allowance and Year End Allowance. These earnings are not earned on a monthly basis.

Is there a field name I can use in the CONDITION box to help drive the formula?

Thank you all for your help.

Help dear friends. Will appreciate it, even if guided to a document I can read up. Thanks.

Help anyone?

Welcome @Sirjames

I entered ‘formula’ in the forum search and got these pointers Search results for 'formula' - Frappe Forum

I think you get the idea?

Other options are the Awesome search bar and built in Help - these can all be searched for the latest and greatest documents

hope this helps get you started!


Thank you very much. Now I see why my previous search attempts have not been very successful: too many words in the search criteria.

Really appreciate it.