Concatenate First Name Last Name fields using Options

I want to concatenate two fields (First Name, Last Name) from a Library Member DocType So, I am referring it to another DocType Library Transaction by creating Link to Library Member DocType and new field Member Name where I want to display Members first name and last name.

I have created a Read Only record where it works well when mention member.first_name but if I give member.first_name,member.last_name then following error is displayed.

I am trying to concatenate First Name and Last Name using Field Options, but unable to make it work.

If there is any way available so that I can do show both values in single field using options?


Hey i got the solution, for the above mentioned doubt.
As before going to the next step i thought of getting the fullname (first_name and last_name) in one field, so after getting to the very next step got the readily available solution at


Could you help me explain your solution?

My requirement is to show two fields in to one. Eg, When the Sales Invoice list is shown, I want to show both the ‘Total Amount’ and the ‘Out standing Amount’ in the list. Adding a column is not possible as its a space restriction from frappe. Now the solution is to create a custom field and assign its value as ‘Total Amount / Out Standing Amount’ (Eg. 10,000 / 3,000).