Concept Of "Custom?" while creating the standard doctype


What is the concept of " Custom ? " while creating the standard doctype or module in ERPNext.

I faced some problem regarding Custom? checkbox.

(1) First Scenario :

when I select the ‘custom’ option in a new doc type , it appears in the document section of that module… If I do not select it, it does not appear . This problem occurs in existing module doctype

(2) Second Scenario :

When I create new module and create a new standard doctype in that module and if i selected the ‘custom’ option of that doctype then the respective files are not created in the server (.py, .is etc) . and if i uncheck that ‘custom’ option then (.py etc) files are created on sever and also it appears on document section.

So please guide us what is the exact meaning of custom checkbox while creating standard doctype


Custom DocType does not have controllers. It is designed to be used for ad-hoc creation of forms.


Ok but my question was whats is the exact meaning of “custom ?” in doctype.