Concern regarding mail box on ERPNext

First of all I would like to apologize for asking too many questions on this community, I am not a technical person so I am having some concerns regarding different things.

So my case is, I am planning to ditch the mailbox that my email service provider offers, and let my employees only use the mailbox provided in ERPNext as a plan to organize everything and keep all documents and mails linked together.

Question 1: Is the mailbox provided by ERPNext reliable to use on daily basis for business or are there chances of missed emails/attachment or bounced emails?

Question 2: I noticed that all attachments from incoming mails get stored in /files and we receive hundreds of emails daily, does that affect the storage capacity that Frappe Cloud provides us?
Is there a way to store these attachments elsewhere (like G-Drive/dropbox) so that it doesn’t take up storage space of our Frappe Cloud plan

I appreciate any assistance regarding this.


Still waiting for opinions regarding this. Please assist me in any information you know. Thanks


Configure IMAP. This way your mail always remain on the server, even have been processed by ERPNext.

Try with a test account and experiment with the many options that ERPNext can handle email.

Obviously, you must consider the amount of data to choose the right Frappecloud plan.

Hope this help you.