Concerns with using ERPNext in a production enterprise environment

Hi, we were evaluating to erpnext deploy to an enterprise production environments for 2 mid-sized to large businesses. During our evaluation process, we were successfully able to complete the installation of erpnext v13 on Ubuntu 20.0 LTS on a cloud VPS. The webserver was up and running. the very next day, we had done a demo for one client and everything was fine, we had left the server running for about 4-5 days, and the cloud server was untouched. But when we returned and tried to access erpnext, the webserver was down. We were a bit concerned bcos that there was no activity done from our side on the server since the last demo and now the web server was down. We had to restart the cloud vps server and then erpnext was up and running.

Considering this scenario, now, we are a bit concerned about the stability and reliability of erpnext in a production enterprise environment. I’m not sure if its only us, or if anyone else has faced this issue. Our team had initially planned to choose between erpnext and odoo and we had gone with erpnext but now we’re not sure.

But at the same time we are also aware from the forum that erpnext has been deployed in larger enterprise and manufacturing firms, and must be working there reliably.

Is it that, something could be wrong from our end. Kindly requesting for your guidance and support regarding this.

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@mnabil777 Your observations and worries are valid but your experience needs to be put into proper context. What is the configuration of the VPS? What process did you follow to install ERPNext? When the server went down, what did you identify as the cause? These are just a few of a number of questions that need answers in order to judge if your first experience is enough for you to make a decision.

ERPNext is a fantastic product regardless of a few quirks (but to be honest, every software has some). Your first experience may not be palatable especially if you’re new to the platform but as you grow with deployments, use and familiarisation with the software, you will find it more than suitable for your needs. This forum is loaded with answers to almost any scenario you may encounter during deployment and configuration so I’d suggest you identify what your needs are, the challenges you have faced so far and search this forum using specific keywords relating to your issue and I bet you will find answers.

I’ve always found ERPNext’s core to be quite stable, but it’s a complex piece of software with many 3rd party interdependencies (nginx, node, redis, supervisor, etc.)

Do you have a skilled, 24/7 server admin team? If not, self-hosting this (or any other piece of software) is always going to be risky. It sounds like you might be better off using professional hosting, via frappe cloud for example.

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