Condition Code on Datetime field type

Good day everyone…

I’m trying to create a new Notification on Employee Checkin Doctype.
The purpose of the notifications is it would send alerts whenever the “Time” field is registering beyond a certain time (E.g: Time = +08:00 a.m.) no matter the date.

In Notification, the Send Alert On option is “Custom”.

However, I’m facing a problem with the condition code, an error message appears saying: (The Condition ‘doc.time > dd/mm/yyyy 08:00:00’ is invalid)

Can anyone please provide some assistance?
Thank you :slight_smile:

there is no such thread found on time-based conditions in the Email Notification.

Can any one help?

I solved it through the Attendance Doctype, based on the Shift Type after the end of Shift, the Attendance will calculate the “IN” time and the “OUT” time. The Attendance will be marked if it’s Late Entry.

Thank you