Condition Error / Bug / Formatting


I am having issues saving or executing a condition on email alerts. Whenever i enter the below > 40000 , smaller than < or , greater than >

Once i save the alert or document, it automatically converts the > 40000 to &gt; 40000

Which then of course throws up errors when trying to Save or Submit a PO.

Can you please help with this?

thank you

@anand @rmehta

Hi Guys, i am sorry to keep pestering you with this, but i really need your help with this bug, it is making the whole condition functionality useless as no matter what i enter it changes the formatting… if i type > or < it changes it to &gt; which then breaks frappe the app…

please help

@ermalc sorry! this fix will be released today.

looking forward

thank you

Hi Anand

Was there a fix released for this already? i have updated to the latest release Release v6.27.5 , but still having the same issues as explained above.

Thank you

hi @anand

i hope you are well. Would you please spare 2 minutes of your time to look at this as it is causing major issues for us, we cannot use the above conditions on the email alerts and this is making our use of the system extremely difficult…

thanks for your time

@ermalc @anand I am also getting same issue.
When I use one condition in email alert, it works.

But when I use two condition with or word then it doesn’t work as expected. I also tried ‘||’ this symbol.

@kolate_sambhaji @anand

yes, it seems to be a recent issue with one of the most recent updates as it used to work before… not sure what has changed or why is doing this…

With me it does it being with one condition, or 2 conditions, no difference, it still throws up errors. I seem to be having problems with the greater and smaller than symbols , it automatically changes the formatting to the above as i mentioned on my original post… very frustrating as we can’t use any of the alerts regarding to costs, etc…

Hi the fix was released. You will have to write the condition again.

Hi @anand
I have updated to the latest release and I have re-written the condition, but I am still experiencing the same issue.
When was this fix or release out? I am still experiencing the same issues with the symbols in question.
Thank you for your time

@ermalc Can you give email query condition here?

May be this will help you

Hi @kolate_sambhaji

Thanks. All I am using is the above, please see my original post above.
Every time I type the greater or smaller symbol it changes the formatting and then if I go and use one of the transactions let’s say purchase order, the application breaks and throws up errors indicating that the formatting or condition is not right.
If you want me to submit screenshots let me know and will do
Many thanks

@ermalc sorry! looks like the change got lost most likely during merge conflict resolution. If you are on develop branch, we have pushed a quick fix. You will have to wait for tomorrow to get the update on master branch.