Multiple conditions for email alerts?

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

I have three system users in my site.

I also have several website users on the site:

I want an email alert that will send an alert to a specific address when someone outside of our organization (a website user) creates a Support Issue.

I can create a condition like this, which will only send an email if anyone but one system user creates an issue like so:


but I would like to have the condition be something like

doc.raised_by!="" OR "" OR ""

but of course I do not know the proper syntax for it to work properly.

I may be completely going about this in the wrong way, so if there is an easier solution, I am all ears. Thanks in advance.

@dsslrbrandon you can use the or statement in lower case how is demonstrated here

doc.raised_by!="" or doc.raised_by!="" or  doc.raised_by!=""

but a smart way of do this is checking if the value exists in a list, so you can use this alternative way

not doc.raised_by in ["", "", ""]

or ensuring that the user is the user that you are looking for


Excellent! Thanks again Max! I really need to get more familiarized with the scripting syntax. :smile:

Are the conditions javascript based?

@dsslrbrandon Python

Thanks. Time to go grab a book on Python. :grin: