Conditional Attributes

Is it possible to have “conditional” attributes on items?

For instance, we sell brewing supplies as well as beer and wine. I have a bunch of different products which have their own set of attributes such as:


  • hop type
  • alpha acid range
  • alpha acid percentage


  • color
  • IBU
  • style (ale/lager/etc)
  • ABV


  • kit type (4 week / 5 week / 6 week etc)
  • color
  • country of origin

Would I be better off defining a ‘master’ item for each of these and then setting up variants? Or can I add attributes in some sort of “conditional” way?

What determine the attributes of an items, is the Variant template
The unique way to go, is setting up one template for each item type, with they own attributes, and from the templates setup the variants

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