Conditional fields rendering


I have select field Item Type which having two options.

Standard Item
Customer Specific Item

below there is Customer Name field that i want to show conditionally if Item Type selected as Customer Specific Item then show that Customer Name. For this i have write customer script only or is there any option in doctype field where i can put condition?

Hi @pm23,

Set the condition on Display Depends On (JS) in the customer name field.

eval:doc.item_type=="Customer Specific Item"

When selecting the Item type Customer Specific Item, the customer name field will appear.


Ok Thanks. I have did this using client script

No need to use the client script for that.

@NCP How we can do for mandatory on JS ?

Same condition

@NCP In full form that field become mandatory. I want here also that Customer Name should come when i will select Customer Specific Brand. In full form that is working. How i can get here also same ??

See in full form Customer Name is showing mandatory.

Quick Entry form is designed for fast data entry and doesn’t provide the same level of customization as the full edit form.

@NCP Ok Thanks

@NCP I was thinking like to do as when i will Select Customer Specific Brand option one popup from will come where that customer name field will be mandatory when we will input that customer name then only that will go back to quick entry something like this. Can i do like this ?..
Please share your input

Probably not possible