Conditional permissions for a doctype

My goal, is to allow a department management user, see all doctypes created by his employees (people in the same department), but this user shouldn’t see documents created in another company departments.
Do you have any idea how to achieve this?

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I think User Permissions is meant for this purpose, read:

However, looks like you’ll have to do it per user, each user, individually. I could not figure out a way to do it on a (Department) basis

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Thanks anassoun.

After read the documentation and made some test I think User Permission it is applicable for a specific record right? I mean, do it for every user is not a problem, but do it for every record, in this case Sales Order for example, is not practical. In this case I think the only solution could be every user share every document with his boss.

I don’t know if I still don’t understand how to use User Permissions, but in fact I didn’t realize how to implement the use case from the documentation intro:
“For example, consider that you do business with multiple territories and you want to restrict access of certain Sales Users to Quotations/Sales Order belonging to a particular territory. This can be done via User Permissions. The restrictions can be set on Customer, Supplier, Customer Group, Supplier Group, etc.”

If you or anyone on this great community have and idea on this it is much appreciated.

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Hi @heavyweb

Let’s think of it this way.

A Particular User/Employee is assigned to a territory.

Now all the documents which have a territory field in them will be accessible to only those users who are assigned to that territory.

Is this what you want?