Conditional Workflow in procurement

Hi I was wondering when this feature will be available?
My organization has fairly complicated workflows for procurement requests, I’m current using custom scripts to manage the workflow but it’s a pain in the butt to update and maintain. For example,
if user = department A, total <= 1000, approveBy = head of department A
if user = department B, total >1000 and total <=5000, approvedBy = head of department B and senior manager X
if user = department C, total > 5000, approvedBy = head of department C, senior manager X, and CEO

Would love to see conditional workflow built-in so we don’t need to change the script every time a personel change takes place.

Check this link, you may find it useful

Tried it but this doesn’t meet the requirement. For a procurement request >5000, we need three people’s approval and it needs to be approved by the HoD first, the senior manager X second, and finally passed on to the CEO. With authorization rule only the CEO is able to submit it.

Also the authorization rule works only for system doctypes not custom doctypes.

You can give your feedback on this issue in GitHub, if there are enough likes it maybe taken for development. Also, are you willing to sponsor a public beta for this feature?

How do i go about sponsering it?

You can raise a bounty on OR if your budget is above $500/- you can request a public beta

Is this available now?

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@sjain Yes

@Mohammed_Redha hi. Is this in V11 or V12 only?

@Muzzy It is available from V11