Conditional workflow using a specific company

Hi Team,
i am trying to setup a workflow according to company wise using condition available in the workflow ,but its not reflecting for a specific company it gets apply on all 3 companies .is there any possibility that we can set it up for a specific company.
your suggestions will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

Can you describe what you’ve tried? The easiest way to do this is probably to use the conditions field in your transition rules. You should be able to easily set a transition rule as available only if the document’s company == “something”.

@peterg i got this error…
i used company="company name"error

As per the examples, you’re almost certainly looking for, not just company (and == not =).

@peterg i have already used that but its not reflecting for a specific company


Your issue could be related to the Allowed in the workflow action. Do you have any role called “All” in your roles and is this role assigned to any user(s)? your condition seems okay so I assume this is where the issue is.

Ensure that the role “All” is assigned to at least one user otherwise the workflow state will not be triggered.

I just tested, and it’s working fine for me. Did you reload the doctype page after you made the change?

And, just to clarify, you set this condition, but the action is showing up on documents where is different than what you’ve listed here?

@flexy2ky i will check and revert soon…thanks for your response

@peterg actually there are 3 companies and i just want this workflow to be applicable for just 1 company but its working for all

I understand. You can’t assign a whole workflow to a company, but you can limit the availability of particular action triggers.

Like I said, I just tested on my system and what I’m describing is working fine. If you’re able to see an action with a condition that’s violated, try refreshing your browser, etc.

@peterg sure,let me check and i will revert you back on this