Conditions Required in Workflow Transition Rules

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Workflow Transition Rules are significantly less effective/usable than they should be due to lack of ability to add conditions. This is a crucial part of workflow in any business process management system, even the most basic ones which are not even close to ERPNext standard

This really needs to be fixed unless of course if it’s already there and we somehow missed it?



In the interim, can this be achieved with a custom script? If so, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could help with an example or pointers

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@wale. I believe an example with some illustration will help community to better understand and respond to your requirement

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Thanks for your response. For example, a user with role ‘Account User’ can change the state of a Sales Invoice from ‘Pending Approval’ to ‘Approved’ only if the field ‘Is Return’ has a value of ‘0’ and if the field ‘Total Amount’ has a value less than ‘100,000’

How can I achieve this with a custom script?


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did you get the answer??

@Subramani It is there in the Workflow States child table V11

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Hi @Mohammed_Redha, thanks for response…