[Conference 2018] Agenda Updated!

Dear all,

This year’s conference is going conducted as an un-conference!

“Typically at an unconference, the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the meeting. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space. Some unconference sessions are led by the participant who suggested its topic; other unconference sessions are basically open discussions of the session topic.”

There will be a sessions team at the event, anyone who wants to talk or lead a session will have to enrol in advance and a sequence number will be given. The sessions team will try and club common topics together and there will be open discussion. Any presentations will have to be shared beforehand.

Talks that have been already proposed, or planned will be accommodated within the sessions.

And yes, the event will be live streamed!

Looking forward to an exciting event and meeting of minds. We will have open spaces if you have not yet registered https://erpnext.org/conf/2018

PS: You can still propose a talk for the conference and register for the developer sprint -

Propose a talk: https://erpnext.org/propose-a-talk

Proposal for developer conference: https://erpnext.org/developer-sprint

Edit: The Agenda for the conference has been updated! Please see: https://erpnext.org/conf/2018


I Love this part…will be with you guys…


Looking forward

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I am getting a feeling that this is really going to be an emotionally charged event, so want to lay down some ground rules.


  • Enhancing co-ordination and communication with the community
    • Developer communication
    • Putting in proposals
    • Foundation activities
  • Understand the challenges of running a project like ERPNext
    • Contribution guidelines
    • Code reviews
    • Documentation
    • Quality and testing
  • Sharing within the community
    • Implementation stories
    • How to make money as a service provider
    • Specific challenges and how you over came them (or want to overcome them)
    • What your team is working on (only if its going to be contributed)
  • Plan a roadmap for the coming year
    • How to contribute
    • How to spread knowledge
    • How to market the product
    • Planning foundation events
  • Discuss bottlenecks and find out ways to clear them
    • Code reviews
    • Release management
    • Testing
  • Volunteer for various activities for the year
    • Feature contribution
    • Responding on forum
    • Responding on GitHub
    • Code review
    • Documentation
    • Website
    • Module roadmaps (?)
  • Foundation
    • Review of the last year and half
    • Results of foundation member survey
    • What are the needs of the community
    • What should be the role of the foundation
    • How should foundation be governed

Ground Rules:

  • Everyone gets a chance to put their point
  • Be respectful to everyone irregardless of who they are
  • Try and speak in third person
  • The word of the moderator will be final (there will be different moderators for each session)
  • Don’t exceed your time limit
  • Don’t waste time in repeating something that has already been said
  • Don’t interrupt someone
  • Everyone who wants to participate in the conversation should come to a designated place and speak
  • Please share your slides before hand so we don’t waste time in setting up your machine (and slides will be moderated).

Most important sentence … :smiley:

Please check the structure for the event. Let us know if there is any feedback!

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Great! I will be absolutely joining!