[Conference 2018] ERPnext Foundation Q&A and Planning Roundtable Agenda

ERPnext Foundation Q&A and Planning Roundtable Agenda

Josh Reeder - confirmed
Basawaraj Savalagi (invited, not yet confirmed)

This thread is for questions and ideas you would like to see discussed while we are together at the conference. Hey everyone, At this years conference, we are going to take your questions and ideas specifically for the ERPnext Foundation and try to answer them and also discuss great ideas. Think of it as a sprint in relation to growing a stronger, faster, more unified Foundation and there is not better way to do that than when a lot of us can meet face to face.

  1. Please submit 1-2 sentences for your idea / proposal or question you would like covered at the event.
  2. The most :heart:s to a post in this thread will create the order for the agenda. Voting is open until 1 hour before the discussion starts.
  3. Attendees who author a idea or question will be asked to stand and ask their question or propose their idea with any details in 1-2 minutes, if they are not present, one of the moderators will present it for them.
  4. The moderators will then facilitate discussion for 5-15 minutes per topic and try to create a consensus of specifics and details by periodically gauging support in the room. This will lead to list of ideas we will continue to hone and then present to the entire ERPnext Foundation.


Question = Need answers about things? Have you asked them before but not gotten a clear answer? Have you gotten different answers to the same question?

Idea = This is not for features or bugs. This is for ERPnext Foundation ideas only. These ideas need to be articulated based on a recognized problem and a possible solution.


Complaints = If you show up with a problem and no solution, its a complaint. These will not be considered and not be heard in this discussion. Come up with a solution, do your research, talk to your peers (not on this thread) and then post your idea.

Bugs, Features, or Software Ideas = Yes these are Ideas, but we are taking it up one level, this is a ERPnext Foundation planning discussion on what needs to happen to improve the Foundation and its structure so there are clear paths for how to deal with all of the features and bugs and directional ideas that we need to consider.

Everyone please take off your “maker” hat and put on your “manager” hat.


Thanks @joshreeder for taking this initiative.

Maybe we can have an open discussion, but the problem is more about

  1. Leadership
  2. Vision

Ideas are dime-a-dozen (checkout GitHub Issues). We need to ensure that we take the conversation forward than just creating a new list of things that need to be done (and no one to do it).

Edit: The discussion should be more around “execution” not just “expectations”

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My question is that I would like clarification to the current structure, governance and finances of the Foundation. Specifically:

  1. Is there a constitution or similar that lays out leadership roles within the foundation?
  2. How are leaders chosen? Is it through elections? If so, how is voting handled?
  3. Is there a plan in place for a rotating leadership (i.e. term limits)?
  4. How about the other aspects of the foundation, such as finances. Is there someone in place to control them? Who is it, and how are they chosen?
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So true! That is why I’m taking the initiative and why I clarified my instructions above. This Foundation Planning sprint is about the Foundation, not about the software. Features, bugs and enhancements are not the purpose and will not be considered (no offense, but we will get to that soon).

This conversation is not a developer conversation, its a business conversation. So to be clear @rmehta we are 100% on the same page.

@rmehta Please take a minute to edit your post (to keep the thread clean) or post again taking your 2 problems and converting them into 1-2 sentence ideas that state the problem and a proposed solution that you would like to present to the group, that way everyone can vote to add it to the agenda.

One week to go! Come on guys we need your participation in the agenda. Lots of people have ideas on improving the Foundation and we are coming together to hear the best ideas and build consensus. We want to hear from you!