Conference Tomorrow!

Hello all,

We are excited to welcome all of you to Mumbai for the 4th edition of the Annual Conference. We expect around 100-120 participants this time from more than 10 countries.

A big thanks to our sponsors,, and

If you are arriving on Wednesday, you are welcome to hang out at the Frappé office in the evening, for some pizzas.

The detailed agenda is here:

The event will be held in the Mysore Association Auditorium and since we have 3 days, we will have enough time for presentations and Q&A

The talks and the Q&A will be live-streamed, so you can join in via YouTube too.

On Thursday (12th) and Friday (13th) evening, you are welcome to join us for dinner and more discussions from 6-9pm. We would be happy to take questions one-on-one during dinner and feel free to bring your development challenges too.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with @ManasSolanki (

See you later in the week.



Would be possible to post questions as well?

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Would love to visit Frappe office on Wednesday, but we are arriving at 10PM. Pizza still available? Haha just kidding :grin:

But joining one of the dinner time should be good :+1:

See you


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I promise not to eat it all, just .:pizza::pizza: for me

Thanks @rmehta and everyone for hosting us. I turned in my homework just in the nick of time.

I´m loving in flight WiFi. Good Morning in Mumbai


Event + Livestream starts at 10am (GMT +0530), registrations will start at 9am. Hope to see you there tomorrow!


I will be very grateful if you can upload final days videos on ERPNext youtube channel. (I can see 1st and 2nd day’s videos in playlist but not the 3rd day’s videos.) I am desparately waiting for them.

you can watch day 3 video on YouTube at Rushabh Mehta - ERPNext Foundation - YouTube

its part of playlist “ERPNext Conference 2017 - Community Talks”

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