Confernce Today!

Hello everyone. We will be busy with the ERPNext Conference today, so will not be able to reply on the forum. Talks videos will be posted next week. You can follow updates on Twitter

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Good luck. I am sure it will be a successful one. Looking forward to the talk videos afterwards.


Can’t wait for having feedbacks about the meetup, announcements and the conference. Can we expect a blog post or having and access to the slides before the videos ?

waiting for

  • Bench App(GUI)
  • ERPNext For Edication
  • Improvement in community portal app
  • Verified Chart of accounts for 26+ Country
  • Notification in Mobile App
  • Accounting Reports(According to Indian Gov. Standard/ Comment on Auditor)
  • More Updates in Translation by respective community
  • ERPNext Foundation
  • Analytic Reports(developer friendly)

Great work by ERPNext Team.

Thank you for giving beautiful ERP solution

Hope all the attendees had a great day yesterday !
Also hope you found time to chill out with some food and drink afterwards to celebrate.
It has been a great year for the Frappe and ERPNext projects.
Congrats :slight_smile:

It is Sunday now , and awaiting eagerly for the feed backs

@becht_robert @Yakulu @System19

Videos are being uploaded right now. Spent the day doing support and fixes. Announcements tomorrow! And lots to share :smile:

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@rmehta : thanks for these videos. They continue to be uploaded right now and are very interesting, comforting about ERPNext future.

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Hats off you guys, you made this product awesome.