Configuration domain and subdomain

Hi i have my VPS server with my primary domain pointing to it

i need help to make know how to make subdomains on this server so i can have
than and so on

do i need to make this subdomains on my domain provider or i can do it inside of the VPS server?

i Have follow this link but i didnt work

Multitenant Setup · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub

you should add a zone in the DNS so that subdomain will be routed to the server where u have Frappe/ERPNext


you have ur pointing to your VPS with IP on which u installed Frappe, than u have to:

  • go to DNS manager
  • add CNAME zone as: site1 pointing to @ or site1 pointing to IP
  • add "host_name" = "" in site_config.json for your frappe site
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i dont know if i am doing anything wrong but i am not getting there, actualy i am not very expert on this so if you have an step by step tutorial it would help