Configuration Management question

Excuses of the inexperienced user - the question may be stupid… :slight_smile:
Case example: we are assembling the devices. Each device besides its HW configuration has also SW installed. Each HW element has its Serial Number, each SW element has its Version Number.
I want to be able to trace which Serial Numbers of everything have been installed in each device.
For now, we have SN for each HW component stored. I suppose that I can consider SW components in the same way as HW, just say that there are 999999 units of, let’s say Operating System of version X.
Further, I suppose, I need to design/create a new DocType which will keep one configuration.

  1. How do I insert the only one SN of a component in to the new doc?
  2. How do I connect the only specific SN of the device to the specific instance of the doc?

Thank you very much and, please, be forgiving for my inexperience…:slight_smile:
I just need an acknowledge that I am on the right way… Please…


While waiting for someone with more experience in this area, these links may be useful:

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Thank you very much! Very useful information especially the last one.
Thousands of thanks!

Hello @leonp

I’d like to clarify our solution to the problem we had. Explained in …

… and in further posts in the same thread.

Bottle movements follow a triangle: Shop to Customer, Customer to Preproduction and Preproduction to Shop. There are intermediate steps, but those are the ones that matter.

I introduced a Product called Serial Number Token and a sub category of Warehouse named Customer Consignment Location.

Leg #1. Physically, filled bottles are delivered from sales/dispatch area to customers. In ERPNext, a Delivery Note is generated from a Sales Order. We customized both the Delivery Note client-side form and the server-side handler. During saving of the Delivery Note a new row, of Serial Number Tokens (in the same quantity as the number of filled bottle items), is added. The user will be unable to submit the DN without updating it with the same number of serial numbers. When the DN is submitted the server-side customization looks for a Customer Consignment Location for the purchaser, and creates one if none exists. It then creates and submits a Material Transfer from Shop to the correct Customer Consignment Location. Finally it deletes the temporary line from the DN.

Leg #2. Physically, customers return empty bottles which end up back in Preproduction. In ERPNext, a Material Transfer moves the Serial Number Token for each bottle from that customer’s Customer Consignment Location to Preproduction.

Leg #3. (Planned but not yet implemented!!) Physically, bottles are deep cleaned in preproduction area, filled and transferred to sales/dispatch area. In ERPNext, we intend to customize the Work Order client-side form. During saving of the Work Order a new row, of Serial Number Tokens (in the same quantity as the number of bottled items to be produced), would be added. The user will be unable to submit the WO without updating it with the same number of serial numbers. Finalizing the WO will create and submit a Material Transfer from Preproduction to Shop as usual. Actually, our production stage is nothing more than a move of tokens from preprod to shop.

Hopefully, that will agitate some suitable neurons for you.


@MartinHBramwell - many thanks to you for your valuable time!

I hope it was useful.