Recently had a chance to explore the concept of “Configure-to-order”. Exploring it with ERPNext was an exciting task. Understanding and exploring the concept has many thoughts, which may be worth exploring out as a feature to add.

To my understanding feature could be worked out as follow,


  • Problem statement
  • Define item on the go while creating a quotation or sales order.
  • Define the BoM while going for manufacture. We can keep this a manual step post order confirmation as of now.
  • Pricing of the item. This could be handled manually as of now.
  • What could be used or configured,
  • Item template with variants.
  • Attributes (variants) with more elaborate definition than just Name and probable values.
  • Allowing multi-level (recursive) attributes. May be limit to 2 or 3 level as of now.
  • What needs to be added,
  • Item with template gets selected in Quotation or Sales Order then configurator wizard opens up with attribute definition.
  • User has to make choices on the values of attributes step by step.
  • Attribute value may range from simple text, number, selection, master lookup etc.
  • Level 2 or 3 is allowed then it steps through that deep to capture the required values for attributes.
  • Once configurator is over item variant is created in backend with definition captured and item gets added with custom description to Quotation or Sales Order.

This helps capture a basic approach to configure-to-order min. to mid. level complex item.

Please, help with your comments and suggestions.

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