Configured LDAP and login stuck at "Verifying" -- how to disable GRAVATAR for LDAP authentication?


We just set up LDAP and when trying to log in, I see it is stuck in “Verifying…” when trying to “log in with LDAP”

We operate in secured/firedwalled environment, so I am used to checking firewall during issues like this. I notice that the ERPNEXT server is trying to contact while we try to log in.

any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: SEE BELOW. This appears to be caused by a check to being required in order to let the LDAP user log in.

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Kept digging… looks like it’s GRAVATAR

So if you don’t allow ERPNEXT server to reach gravatar, you can not log in with LDAP.

Also FYI here:

So I think this is “solved” in the sense that we know what is causing it, but not solved because we don’t know how to disable GRAVATAR for LDAP authentication.

for now I resolved problem with this fix: