Configuring DNS based multitenancy

i’ve successfully install erpnext using easy install on centos 7.6

i’ve sucessfully login to erpnext using my domain, and i install bench manager

now i set “bench config dns_multitenant on”
i’ve empty “currentsite.txt”
“bench setup nginx” and then i restart nginx

now i can’t access, it returns

this ini my /etc/nginx/conf.d/frappe-bench.conf

upstream frappe-bench-frappe {
        server fail_timeout=0;

upstream frappe-bench-socketio-server {
        server fail_timeout=0;

# setup maps

# server blocks

server {
        listen 80;

        root /home/shm/frappe-bench/sites;

i don’t know what to enter to my /etc/hosts, should i enter my site name or my domain names?
this is my /etc/hosts

what i wan’t to ask is how to set subdomain for login to erpnext and how to set subdomain to login bench manager?


never mind

follow this guide it’s all working, bench setup add-domain --site (sitename) (domain)

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