Confirm ERPNext update

Hi support team,
I’ve requested system update from v10 to v11 last month…, my latest information from you is waiting for fix problem and will process update my system… I re-check my schedule has overdue when I try to re-booking the update schedule the service has removed from the website… Is there any problem with the system update?

Hi Chiang,
We received your request for upgrade 18 days ago, due to some complications we stopped version 10 to version 11 migrations and removed the version upgrade page from the website.

We have resumed with the migrations and the upgrade page is live at All the pending upgrade requests from version 10 to version 11 will be processed now.

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I did not know we had to request the upgrade. In the past ERPNExt just told us when it was happening.

Sooooo, before I click to request an upgrade we all now confident V11 is stable for production use?

In the past erpnext updated automatically…
Since V10, the automatic updated was stopped…I found the update booking page when I buy new account users…
Our Erpnext has updated yesterday, there’s some new function s that I was trying to customize… v11 enhance in HR , project and report …but need to make some new setup for the organization and trees…it looks fine so far anyway.