Conflict with Einvoice and Batche wise invoice printing


We maintain our inventory in batches for internal tracking purpose.

For a single customer order of 100 kgs, we might use more than 1 batch to create a Delivery Note and Sales Invoice.

In ERPNEXT each batch is a different line item. However my customer wants it as a single line item mentioned in the invoice. We acheive this through custom print formats and on screen check box group same items.

However when we generate einvoice for the same invoice, the api sends two line items to the GST website. This in turn populates in the custoomer GSTR1 as two different items.

Now my printed invoice which I have given to the customer is in conflit with his GSTR1.

Please advice how to manage this transaction. We sometime have 100 batches for a single line item.

Eg. 22 items in my printed invoice

But in the einvoice screen , 30 line items are being reported. Some of the 22 items had multiple batches.

I am not sure if your implementation is correct.

I will suggest you following approach. Not sure if it works.

From SO → create Sales Invoice (without update stock, and without batch numbers)

This should be logically possible as no Stock Entries are involved.

Then create DN with appropriate Batch Nos.


You may need to customize this.