Confuse with full ERPNext work procedure

I am totally new in ERPNext. Last 2 week I searched & tried to find out erpnext’s full workflow and procedure. Documentation and tutorials are not so understandable & not well structured. Its create confusions, where to start, how to start and where to end ? …
Unfortunately, can’t understand ERPNext’s robotic low class tutorial , is there any other way to learn about this ?.

Hello @Robinsoncruso,
What do you want to achieve?

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What is it that you’re trying to do ? I just started on ERPNext and am already working on custom applications and doctype customizations

Want to create a customized application with full backend supports like internal code files , DB structure.

Simply , want to know . How can I create a project , Inside that project I want to add a webpage . Having a form in the web page according to my model. And access the objects form DB. I want to create my own customized model ,controllers and web-pages. Kindly , give me some related reference.