Confused by my stock balance

I created a PO for 15 units of an item and then a purchase receipt. I then did a Stock Reconciliation for 5 units of the same item because I already had some here. (It is my understanding that a stock reconciliation is how I import existing inventory)

My stock ledger shows both entries. Question #1 = there is no quantity here for my stock reconciliation?

If I check my Stock balance, it says I only have Balance qty 5 units. Question #2 = I am confused on in Out Qty of 10 - where did that come from? The projected qty also shows 5.

What did I do wrong? I want to accept 15 from PO and add 5 I already had in stock.

Wait, I may be mistaken.

A stock reconcilation is if I am MISSING stock, right?

I just want to do a Stock Entry / Material Receipt to import my initial quantities, right?

A stock reconciliation means you are declaring stock balance as some quantity on a specific date time. Hence, for opening, posting datetime of your stock reconciliation entry should be before the datetime of purchase receipt.Then you will get desired balance 20.

Aha, gotcha – thanks, makes sense.