Confusion about deployment configuration


Extremely impressed with the spirit of the entire frappe and erpnext community! :smiley:

However, I am a bit confused about configuration for deployment in a scenario in which:

  1. Previously UNKNOWN clients/customer/user visits our frontend (say, a shopping cart) ,

  2. chooses required items and/or submits a quality and quantity details about service

  3. which asks them to register to complete the transaction

  4. clients/customer/user are allowed to choose between full payment/partial or full EMI or N days of credit

  5. (5a). Upon transaction, an invoice is created or in case of EMI, the amount will be resent periodically

  6. (5b). A project will be created simultaneously with invoice as of 5a above where relevant employees can update the progress whereas customers can look at progress which shall also include details of delivery of materials

  7. A final invoice (on credited items) or A final project report will be created on completion with a ‘Thank you’ note.

Just whining around a bit to deploy such a setup. Any inputs appreciated.

In the current shopping cart, there is no partial payment. so current shopping cart is limited to step no 4(with full payments or no payment at all). But these features are in our todo and you can expect few of them within few months.

@ManasSolanki Thanks, this has been confirmed by @Pawan earlier (Multiple payment options), thereby creating a github issue at FEATURE REQUEST: Multiple payment options · Issue #12622 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

However, is there any possibility to make a tutorial explaining above workflow in similar manner as ERPnext-lead to ledger - YouTube in whicht Nicole comprehensively explained a process from lead to ledger?!