Confusion regarding GSP and ASP charges

The FAQ page suggests that we need to purchase India Compliance API credits because it covers the GSP charges as well, while at the same time, the documentation tells me to get API keys from GSP.

So what needs to be done? If I am on on-premise ERPNext, do I need to purchase both GSP and India compliance credits? If I host on frappe cloud, do I need to purchase GSP APIs?


On a self-hosted instance you only have to purchase India Compliance Credits. No other purchase is required.
On Frappe Cloud, India Compliance API is bundled, so no purchase is required on Frappe Cloud.

You need to generate credentials from the GST Portal (e-Waybill, e-Invoice) using ‘Adaequare Info Private Limited’ as your GSP.

For more information, visit:

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Got it, thanks!

Can you please share where this is specified? we’ll make the necessary corrections.