Confusion with the Ecommerce Integration App

Version: frappe/erpnext:version-13
Instance: Frappe Cloud

I’m trying to connect Shopify store to ERPNext for tracking inventory.
I have installed the Ecommerce Integration App through the dashboard and I’m referring to the following document for installation:

After creating a private app on Shopify (configuring shopify), next step is to configure ErpNext. The instruction mentions the following:

To access Shopify Settings, go to: Awesome search bar > Shopify Setting

So, I click on the search bar, (I’m assuming it is the search bar on the top, refer screenshot) and type ‘Shopify Settings’:

This takes me to the following url:

And I get the following message:

You have Ecommerce Integration app installed. This setting page refers to old Shopify connector.

Could someone please guide me how to access the new Shopify settings page under the Ecommerce app?


Hi, I am aware of this issue and will work on a better fix for this.

For now can you goto /app/shopify-setting/Shopify%20Setting (singular)

Thank you, Ankush.