Connect Azure cloud blob storage to Insights

Dear community, Is it possible to connect Azure cloud to Insights?

Currently, it is not supported. What type of file/database are you trying to connect?

Hi Saquib, Thanks for responding. In our Azure, we have JSON files in ('outcontainer’s of Azure). I just want to get access to it, and parse and show the info in the dashboards :slight_smile:

I haven’t explored JSON files as a source yet and probably that will take time to be supported.
However, if you are familiar with Python then you can use “Script Query” in Insights to write a python script to make a GET request to get JSON file and then parse and manipulate the data using pandas however you want.

I think you don’t have to consider which kind of file it is. Let it be anything. The parsing of the files be left to the dashboard(scripts). First step is just to connect to Azure and get the files from the Azure blob storage. Once the file is at the client(dashboard) side, the scripts can act on it and parse the data to be shown in the dashboard, right?