Connect Issue with Sales Order

I believe this would come under “Customisation” or if not then potentially a Feature Request:

I want to connect a current Issue we recently received to a new Sales Order in order to maintain context and clarity for Sales Order.

Is this achievable using Custom field setup or is it more advanced?

Thanks in advance


What you’re describing is very achievable, though exactly how you’d do it would depend on the specifics of your goals and implementation. It will be a bit more complicated than just creating a complicated field but still very doable.

If you describe your desired workflow a bit more specifically, we could offer some advice. Would a “create new sales order” button on the issue work, for example?

Thanks for your reply Peter.

The goal is to link an Issue item with a Sales Order and show an editable field in both the Issue item and the Sales Order.

This ideal process would be implemented when a specific Issue item requests us to create a Sales Order and the sub-type would be assigned appropriately (e.g. Order Sub-Type=Disconnect Service). The staff member be editing an Issue and would link it via a button or dynamic field that shows the current sales orders and a link to create a new one.

Our workflow is such currently:

  • We receive an email and it is piped to “Issues” list.
  • One of our staff notes it is related to a request/disconnection which means a Sales Order needs to be raised with an appropriate order sub type E.g. ‘Disconnect Service’
  • The Sales Order is then raised in a new tab/window and we copy/paste the issue-URL-link into the notes field (currently) and then update the Issue with a link to the Sales Order.

Hope this makes sense.