Connect MariaDB remotely from Any DB manager

Hi Team ,
I am trying to connect MariaDb remotly from navicat .But I couldn’t able to able make connection.FYI My erpnext hosted in aws ec2. Please help me on this.

site_config.json located within frappe/frape-bench/sites/yoursitename.whatever lists your DB name.
You can also access MariaDB via mysql commands just as you would any mySQL DB

Please refer this post How I created this Sales KPI Dashboard - #3 by kevingee

Also you need to open the Database ports to where you installed the NaviCat Server. Please don’t open the port to the public. Only to the server public IP.

It is called Security Groups in AWS

You can use workbench

Thank you for the response…It works for me.
I am using Navicat TCP/IP over SSH and it works.

1.Login with SQL user credential :


2.Enter SSH credential (Ex:Ubuntu…)