Connect to database remotely

I am needing to connect to the database directly that is hosted at ERPNEXT. I do NOT have a local install of erpnext. I need to be able to read from the database and possibly add further columns etc for website purposes. I understand there is an API for this but it refers to a python installation etc that I can’t do anything with since the db is hosted at erpnext.
Help? I use coldfusion but this should not be an issue I believe.

@sasha the unique way to connect is using the API. You can use coldfusion to write your own client to the API.

Ok but how do I start? How do I connect?

@sasha this can be a good start point to you

And the Python API Client, sounds like a pseudo-code, frappe-client/ at master · frappe/frappe-client · GitHub, so can be your base.

Thanks. I have tried to find the api uri to list stock from table item but
can’t fid it. What is the uri? Frappe Cloud
Also need item price table

@sasha I dont know any API to work with reports! Maybe @rmehta can told if this exists!

Really I need to be able to connect to db and list items and item price.