Connect to Remove Database on port 6033

Good Day All,

I am implementing ERP Next and have successfully configured ERP Next to Connect to a Remote MySQL Mariadb 10.3 Database.

The MariaDB is a STD Maria DB with the correct my.cnf configs as per Various Topics that I have come across.

We are deploying ClusterControl and ProxySQL Load balancing for our MySQL Databases for Performance and Redundancy.

The problem is that ProxySQL listens on port 6033 for the MySQL Clusters.

How do I configure ERP Next to talk to the ProxySQL on port 6033.

I have tried by adding below to the site_config.json in the site folder
“db_host”: “”,
“db_port”: “6033”,

I have also added the above to the common_site_config.json file.

Neither of these worked.

I also tried: bench set-mariadb-host

Please assist me with methods of getting ERP Next to talk to my MariaDB on port 6033

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards

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