Connect to Shopify

Hello! I have tried to install ERPNext app in Shopify but it was not successful. Is it removed from app store? Is there anyone able to answer it? Thanks.

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Is there any exception or error message?

It comes up with the following message:
The page you are looking for is missing. This could be because it is moved or there is a typo in the link.

Thanks for reporting the issue. We have fixed this issue.

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Thanks a lot!

Hello! We met other issues so far. I put ERPNext to connect with Shopify. Everything goes smooth until I fulfill delivery and mark paid in shopify. It did not push orders from shopify to ERPNext.

  • The order has been paid for in shopify, it did not create a sales invoice in ERPNext and record the corresponding payment entry.
  • The order has been fulfilled in shopify, it did not create a draft delivery note in ERPNext.

Can you help out? thanks

has this issue been resolved and if so then is it within v11?

I Couldnot find the ERPNExt app on shopify store !! Please help