Connect WinSCP to ERPNext VM

I have installed ERPNext VM in virtual box and i can access erpnext through localhost:8080 on windows machine

Now i want to transfer files from windows to vm .
how do i connect erpnext vm using winscp?

get the ip of your vm by running ifconfig and use that ip to connect to vm using winscp

@neerajvkn i have installed erpnext using production .ova file virtual box
i tried as below


when try to login it shows error message as Network error:Connection to “” timed out.

you have to make some changes to your virtualbox adapter settings, i dont remember what exactly, inbox me and maybe we can figure it out,

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use this settings

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@neerajvkn yes i have changes network adapter from NAT to Bridged Adapter and change some settings also

this will gives you IP Address like . and i have used this ip to connect WinSCP to vm