Connecting client computers to ERPNext server

Hi. I’m completely new here. I just found out about ERPNext and got it running in my laptop yesterday night for testing for my startup business. I’m wondering how to go upon connecting client computers to an ERPNEXT server so client computers can modify and entry data. The client computers will be running windows 7 and the server will also run windows 7 with virtual box. If more information is needed key me know. Thanks in advance.


ERPNext is a web app, you just need to open a Web Browser and point to the Server, you will need a LAN, and the server will need a static IP in the local network, clients in the same network will need to be able to connet with the server, maybe you can try to ping.

Maybe if you don´t have the linux expertise could be a good idea to look for a local Sysadmin to help you.

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Hi William. Thanks for the reply. I was able to get it to work last night from doing some research. I already have everything setup so i did exactly that. Point to my server through the browser. Thanks again.

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