Connecting MySQL with ERPnext VB

I am running the latest version of erpnext as a virtual machine , I wanted to connect it with mySQL workbench. when I tried to connect it ask me for the TCP/IP port number. My network setting for erpnext VirtualBox is attached with “Bridged Adapter”. and I know the IP address.

My problem is that I want to know the port number to connect it with mySQL workBench!!


Did you try the standard port 3306?

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yes I did, but still the same problem

ERPNext is using MariaDB, I’ve just known we can connect/administrate it with mysql workbench-visual tool…

Bumping this thread up. Does anybody know what the network settings for the VirtualBox ERP VM need to be so that MariaDB can be access by MYSQL BENCH running from my laptop (which is hosting VirtualBOX)?

Have tried different network settings using Bridged Network, NAT, Host-Only Adapter to no avail. When using Bridged or Host-Only, can ping the VM but cannot connect my MYSQL Bench. Please Help. Much thanks!!


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I am also struggling with connecting MySQL Workbench to ERPNext running in VirtualBox. I followed a couple of the advice I found in other posts dating back from 2015 but no luck. This is really important to have a professional easy GUI to work with the underlying database. Please help.

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Couple of things to know

  1. Since MySQL Bench is from MySQL and not MariaDB it will flag that Mariadb SQL is not a standard mysql, it will connect but you wil have issues

  2. To connect to MariaDB on the VB it will be much easier if you used ssh, I connect using Sequel Pro and the settings are as per following screen grab, you should be able to do the same if you insist on using MySQL Bench

  1. The other option is to allow external access to MariaDB MySQL by commenting out this line #bind-address = localhost in the /etc/mysql/my.cnf on the VB

Hope this helps

Have you enabled root access from any ip

Use :- update user set host=‘%’ where user =‘root’

This is how I managed to connect from MySQL Workbench running on my Windows 10 laptop to MariaDB running in the VirtualBox VM. I installed the Bitvise SSH client on Windows and configured it as per this screenshot