Connecting Sales Orders, Invoices and Projects


I have one question how to handle this situation in ERPNext:

  • We have one Sales Order from the customer. The customer ordered 50 days of work
  • For this we created a Project.
  • For the Project we write some invoices

Now the customer wants to extend the project by additional 20 days of work

How to handle this?
I expected to create a new sales order and add the sales order to the project. Within the sales order I’m able to select the project.
But in the Project I can’t find the sales order? In the project I can only select one singel sales order.

Do you have any suggestions?

You can select the same project in Sales Order. And in Project Dashboard if you click on Sales Order, it should show you all the Sales Order related to the Project.

you could do the same directly through Sales Invoices (bypasding the ‘Sales Order’ step), right?

Thank you for your answer @KanchanChauhan,

I can find both sales orders in the project dashboard.

But I’m wondering why I have an additional field “Salesorder” under Customer Details. For what reason can I add here a salesorder too?

Thank you for your support,

Any news about this topic ? I can’t still figure out, why there is a field “Salesorder” under Customer Details in a Project. Here I can assing only one single Sales Order.

If I want to assign multiple Sales Orders to a project I am able to assign the project in the Sales order (this is ok!) but:

When I look at the related documents in the Sales Order, I can only see a related project in one Sales Order. This seems to be the Sales Order which I selected in Project. The other Sales Order has the Project assigned but don’t show the project in Related Documents.

I’m really confused…

Here are some screen-shots to clarify:

Picture 1 and 2 show the Sales orders
Picture 3 shows the project.