Connecting to a remote mariadb container

I am trying to connect to a remote mariadb container through my insights instance, whenever I try to connect I get the following error.

  • The insights app is connecting successfully to the erpnext site in the same custom_app image it is built with.
  • Running bench version command gives the following output:
    erpnext 14.35.2 frappe 14.45.0 hrms 14.10.1 insights 1.0.1 payments 0.0.1
  • I made sure that the container is accessed remotely by exposing the port the container the mariadb container is running on, and I confirmed that I can connect to the database from a remote VM.

Can anyone give me any ideas on why it is not working ? Thanks in advance.

push latest changes for insights and check now, it should be fixed

I pulled the latest changes and I faced this error

I looked at the commit history and found the commit where you changed the urls for the test_database_connection, you changed it to insights.api.setup_test_database_connection, I am not sure but shouldn’t it be insights.api.setup.test_database_connection ?

Background: this line:
insights/insights/api/ at develop · frappe/insights · GitHub

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