Connecting to Akeneo / PIM

Hi - We want to use ERPnext with an open-source PIM - Akeneo would be the preferred choice.

Our master product data files would be held in ERPnext, which would then connect to Akeneo (or another suitable PIM) so we can manage our web and print catalogues to achieve consistency in product data through all marketing channels.

Does anyone have any experience in connecting ERPnext with a PIM system?

I would appreciate any advice/guidance, thx.

You should also make a post on

I don’t think any app available to connect ERPNEXT to Akeneo or any other PIM software , you can export products and import in akeneo , but it’s not good way :frowning: .

what are you using for a ecommerce platform

@AKC i am interested with this as well… but just curious, why did you decide to go with a pim? can’t you do that in erpnext by itself? all your other channels can still talk to erpnext? mind to share your decision for pim?

Please watch bellow video why you need PIM :

Specially if you have online shop you need PIM to manage you products , can have different group and different language for groups . products attribute and specification and for so many other things you need PIM .

I think best way main database of products is ERPNEXT and SYN with PIM for details of each products and then from PIM sync with online shop .



@neginy those are great videos.

thanks so much :slight_smile: watching the videos :slight_smile:

let’s say

i have this shoe

Nike Men’s Rosherun Running Shoe.
stock quantity : 10

That will be stored inside erpnext as a new item

So in PIM, I will have the same product but with multiple languages to serve different countries

But I am curious. How come I don’t store the different languages (chinese, japanese, korean, etc) of this product name/details into erpnext? why it has to be in PIM?

for different languages of the same product, should that be the same SKU or different SKU? Let’s assume it’s the same warehouse. I believe is the same SKU.

Who are the stakeholders of erpnext and pim in this context?

Will the procurement team uses both erpnext and pim when procuring new or existing products?

Any tips? Thanks.

me too interested…