Connection between an (upfront) Payment Entry to a SINV fails

basic scenario in my usecase:

  • Customers payment is received upfront
  • Payment date determines delivery date (that’s why I can not make the payment against the submitted SINV.

Based ono that I am trying to do a Sales Order > Payment > Delivery cycle as per below

  1. make DRAFT SO (without ‘submit’ it yet)
  2. make Payment Entry with reference to DRAFT SO (1.)
  3. submit Payment Entry
  4. adjust SO upon payment (delivery date depends on payment date)
  5. submit SO
  6. make Delivery
  7. make & submit SINV

the general ledger for this customer is balanced

… but the SINV still asks for a payment (“Overdue”

so apparently the link between the Payment Entry & SO (I think it’s called reference) does not get transferred (so to say) to the SINV. Any idea how to tackle this?

changing the sequence of actions helps with this problem

  1. make DRAFT SO (but don’t ‘submit’ yet)
  2. adjust SO upon payment (with confirmed delivery date)
  3. submit SO
  4. make & submit SINV
  5. pay SINV
  6. make Delivery Note

still would be good to know whether and how you can make create an independent Payment Entry and connect that to a SINV (without making the payment through the SINV)


Create payment entry first and allocate that amount in sales invoice from Advance Payment section.


Prakash H