Connections section - sales order

I am using erpnext 13.x.

Unless I am mistaken, when I look in the connetcion section on a sales order, and I see a delivery note with a number(1 for me) to the right of it, it seems to mean that it has started, but not submitted.
If my understanding is right, why when I see a sales invoice with a 1 to the right of the sales invoices button, and the invoice is created and submitted?

Why might this be?

Thanks for any ideas.

Hi @smokinjo,

When you create a sales order and submit it and then create a delivery note from the sales order and save it not submit it then the right side 1 shows in the connection section.

But when you submit the delivery note/sales invoice then will be removed + icon from the right side if you create a delivery note with full qty.

As per checking some transactions, the left side and right side always show the number of created documents.

Thank You!


HI there.

This is pretty much how I understood things.

But, something that you did teach me is that if the delivery note, (maybe packing slip and invoice too) are not full, then there will still be a 1 to the right of the button. Am I right?

Once you answer thins, than I will go back and check all the examples that we found and see if there is any mystery remaining.

If there are any fully delivered, packed and invoices orders that still have this remaimning 1 to the right of the buttons, I will let you know.