Consider deprecating document.get

Document.get is a powerful call, can be used to get a document’s value against a key, and can also be used to search through internal tables in a document.

However good replacements for the same are getattr and list comprehension. Instead of writing doc.get('items') it’s better to write doc.items, and in place of doc.get(key), we can use getattr(doc, key). Instead of using

doc.get('items', {'rate': ['>=', 100})

we can write

[row for row in doc.items if row.rate >=100]

IMHO, the getattr and list comprehensions are better as

  1. They are python standards.
  2. They are a bit faster. doc.get is used almost everywhere. If we fix every place, we sure might a a bit of performance overhead as a function stack is getting reduced.

This should be followed as conventions as this is not a single release’s job. We can start rolling out changes in default library, and eventually start showing a deprecation warning, and finally an attribute error in a couple of years.