Consider major release with Beta & RC tags

Hello everyone :wave:,

I hope you & your dear ones are safe!!

As we all know, Frappe team is working hard to deliver us the next major update. Even in these present circumstances (Worldwide Lockdown due to the COVID’19), they’re working tirelessly and diligently, even though In Mumbai, the condition worsens than ever. Appreciate, All the best for v13 to the Frappe team & all the contributors. :clap:

My message is especially for the release team.

Short Message: I would like to request you guys to release the upcoming major version with Beta as well as Release candidate versions.

Why? Almost every one of us distracted due to the present situation. To offer more relaxation to the team, in all terms whether to provide priority support or fix critical bugs, pre-release is required (develop branch can’t be considered as pre-release). Everyone is excited to hands-on, but unlike every major release, the maximum probability of errors remains there, even of rigorous testing.

I must say, release-cycle for Frappe/ERPNext is already improved with 1 update per month. Results are on the table, we have seen fewer queries/issues of installation errors & bugs reports. Hence, would like to request you, to put one step ahead with this major release, by considering Beta & Release Candidate versions.

This will unlock the opportunity for more issues to be reported ahead of release, so community/team may prioritize them accordingly, we’ll have more time to fix errors, and hence, the product will be released with maximum possible stability. If you adopt this workflow for every major/minor release, the community will get a smooth upgradation experience, this will save efforts of all. Henceforth, It will be a win-win situation for all of us.

BTW, When we say, inspired by Wordpress, we may inspire with their release cycle as well.