Console for Frappe Backend

Powerful Console for Frappe Backend
It allows you to use the same as the console statement in Python as it is in JavaScript

How to Install

  1. bench get-app
  2. bench build --app console
  3. bench --site [] install-app console
  4. bench restart

How to use:

in python file:

from console import console

my_list = ['foo', 4, 5, 'bar', 0.4]


In browser console:

>(5) ["foo", 4, 5, "bar", 0.4]

Supported methods :

log , table, warn, error, info, group, groupEnd, time, timeEnd, debug, trace, count


Thanks. It is a great addition for fixing bugs.

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If you try to console a list of dictionaries or objects like items child table in Sales Invoice with console(doc.items).table() you will get something like this in the browser console:


very handy, I will be using this for sure.

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Great tool from great person.