Consolidate Medical Billing

Hello Team,
Is it possible to create a consolidated Bill for In-patient at Sales Invoice? Our Patients normally prefer a consolidated bill of their services… Eg. Labs, Medication, Consultation, Procedure and Room Occupancy rather than having separate invoices.

We will be adding this, but for time being you’ll have to create a custom print format.

Hello Akash,
Will you be willing to assist me with this custom print format?

This can be easily done by using custom print format

how to design custom print format

i need jinja html css code

Creating a consolidated bill for in-patient services is definitely possible and can be beneficial for patients who prefer a single, comprehensive invoice. To achieve this, your billing system should be capable of aggregating charges from various departments such as labs, medication, consultation, procedures, and room occupancy into a single invoice.
For more specific guidance on implementing consolidated billing for in-patient services, you might consider consulting with a medical billing expert or visiting Pathology Billing Services - Fortis Medical Billing for more information, especially since they specialize in pathology billing, which has its own unique billing considerations.

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Hi @Zinersby! Welcome to the discuss. Also, thank you for the link.