Consolidate multiple sales order into a single work order for the same item

Hi All,

We have multiple Sales order for the Same Item. To Plan the Production, from the Production Plan Doctype, i choose both the Sales Order and when i create work order, 2 work order are created.

What i was expecting is having only one work order consolidating both the sales order, since it is the same item that needs to be manufactured. But two work order are created.

From a manufacturing process perspective, having one work order for the item seem more intuitive than having two work order.

Is it possible to consolidate work order for multiple sales order?


Currently, this is not possible. One way is to manually create a Work Order with the final amount. However, if you want to validate the total amount produced v/s the Sales Order, you can only enter one at a time.

Thanks @kennethsequeira for your response. since production plan takes all the sales order and does consolidation of raw materials required for all the sales order, i assumed that it would result in only one workorder for both the sales order as it was the same item.

Since there can be only one work order mapped to a sales order, therefore a Work order is created for each sales order. is my understanding correct? or Am i missing something?


That would be correct.